Bit by bit - Stefan Paun

Bit by bit - Stefan Paun

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My name is Stefan Paun and I was born on October, 25 th, 1978. I began painting, first as a whim, about 17 years ago, when I noticed my capacity to give freedom to my imagination, that I still feel as overwhelming. My drawings incapsulate the essence of a feeling or an impression to a level that overpasses the ordinary technical form of art.

My first exhibition was being held just at the beginning, in 2003, in the foyer of The Radio Romanian Society, the paintings, in charcoal and crayon, being catalogated as naive. The second similar event was held one year later, the well known sculptor Vlad Ciobanu opening it. Pavel Susara, a famous art critic, used to describe my paintings as „highly expressive, denoting a great mastering of the content, the souplesse of mind, flexibility in thoughts, searching for the perfect form, but not in classical style, but in its purest quintessence, and exploiting all possibilities of language – above a skilled hand.”

Bit by bit, I came to „give birth” to such a called linism movement, which recomposes the shapes by using a simple and continuous line, that sometimes intertwines in the eagerness to express the wholeness. Depth in simplicity, all in little, the whole universe in a grain, this is may message. I have over 100 works which define linism and offer the synthesis of the world, delivering to the onlooker the impression of trespassing the risk of triviality. In my linism I cover the range of life: from physiological level to a superior one, made of „edge” states of mind, as eagerness, love, despair, fighting against one own’s ego. No other artist so far chose such a method of artistic message, the movement having the chance to turn into a milestone.

I build myself as an artist inspired by Brancusi – such a treasure of significance and symbols in simple shapes and lines – and also by Picasso, me and the Master being, surprinsingly, born in the same day.

It’s not just linism that I find myself in and try to deliver to the world, but all my paintings will surprise unexpectedly, arousing a unique emotion and creating addiction. One will want more and more because my works come directly from the unconscious.
Bd. Timisoara, Nr. 17B.

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Pictura reprezinta cu siguranta materializarea cea mai graitoare a creativitatii omului in dovada vie ca spiritul artistic este menit si harazit doar Omului. Amestecul culorii si elaborarea formelor constituie in totalitate apanajul spiritului uman, al artistului ce lucreaza si se exprima pe sine pentru sine si pentru semenii sai!

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